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SpamExaminer is the easy-to-use
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Email Tracker allows you
to track access and monitor
any eMail (received or sent)
in your domain
Quick and Easy Bulk Mailing

Email Server

SpearMail is a unique Mail Server having more then 5000+ Corporate with one time Licence Cost.

SpearMail allows you set up a complete Intranet and Internet messaging system just like the BIG companies have.

For implementation you must have a Domain with email ID's created under it with Internet Access on any PC over the LAN ..

After Implementation you will get following facilities :

a.)  You can send and receive emails directly from every computer on your LAN.

b.)  Give individual ID like This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to every employee.

c.)  All mail activities centrally managed and controlled.

d.)  No need to allow Internet access to each P.C, thereby saving a lot on internet bandwidth speed and misuses Internet.

e.)  Reduce Spam Mails.

f.)  Enhances the communication within and outside the organization.

g.)  Need to install on one machine only, NO dedicated machine required.

h.)  Complete Tracking / backup of all outgoing / incoming mails of Users.

i.)  Block mails from particular e-mail ids or specific domains such as or mails containing objectionable words.

j.)  Restricting specific users from sending mails outside network.

k.)  Prevent mails exceeding specified size to be sent and received.

l.)  Make rules to get the mails from specific domain to specific Email ID

m.)  Group Mailing.

n.)  Eliminate BCC Mails at the time of sending.

And many MORE features that enhance your communication speed over the email.

To evaluate the full function 30 days evaluation copy kindly call or submit the enquiry form.

We are the authorized channel partner to promote,implement and support Spear Mail (Ver7.0).