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all your IT needs.
Very easy to Use, Maintain,& Install
full control by Management
Never lose your email again
Very competitive and affordable
hosting solutions on
Windows and Linux servers.
It is the perfect combination of
creativity & credibility.
SpamExaminer is the easy-to-use
hosted Anti-Spam solution
for your domain
Email Tracker allows you
to track access and monitor
any eMail (received or sent)
in your domain
Quick and Easy Bulk Mailing

Online AntiSpam Filtering

SpamExaminer is the easy-to-use Hosted Anti-Spam solution for companies ,organizations and individuals that have their own domain name and want to get rid of spam without buying and maintaining their own anti spam server.
SpamExaminer offers reporting, so administrators can review statistics on how many emails have been filtered .
SpamExaminer works at the Gateway level ensuring that only legitimate and virus free emails reach your mail server.
Removes unwanted emails and this reduces the load on your mail server which in turn increases performance, creates a higher level of security and reduces the work load on your IT staff.
Eliminates spam and viruses before they enter your network.
Dramatically reduces the number of messages your users have to go through in order to reach legitimate emails.
Removes phishing emails, preventing your users from accidentally giving out confidential or private company information.
Our anti spam filter significantly reduces email spam, you are able to focus on real tasks and increase your productivity instead of managing your spam .

To evaluate the full function 15 days Spamexaminer service kindly call or submit the enquiry form.

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